About Project Save A Mouth

Project Save A Mouth (PSAM) is a national organization that strives to improve general health and well-being by increasing oral health awareness and practices. Through partnerships with charities, companies, schools, government sectors, and medical professionals on national and local levels, the PSAM coalition works together to teach the public about the importance of healthy dental habits and how to prevent certain health issues in the future.

Poor oral health affects the entire body and can result in serious health complications. For children, the effects of poor oral health not only impact their general health but can even impact their school performance. Since dental issues are one of the top reasons children miss school, their absence directly influences their academic performance. If we, as a united force, can work together to raise awareness and prevent these issues before they begin, we hope to enhance the academic, social, and personal experiences of childhood.

Through regular community efforts and the national spread of information, PSAM provides a unique knowledge tool and is a spearhead for collective achievement in dental awareness. Our local chapters throughout the United States organize events throughout the year to reach those with the most need. Included in these are outreach events to elementary schools, during which dental health professionals teach children best oral hygiene practices; community event nights, which discuss the importance of better awareness and the state of oral health in the local community; and participating in charity events, which provides dental hygiene tools to those who have the least access.

We are so proud of each of our chapters, who constantly go above and beyond for this incredibly important cause. As we continue our mission throughout our chapters, we hope to further our reach by expanding into other regions that are ready to help our cause.