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Project Save A Mouth (PSAM) strives to improve general health and well-being by increasing oral health awareness and practices. Through national and local partnerships, the PSAM coalition works together to raise awareness about healthy dental habits. Many children in the United States do not have regular access to dental care. With a focus on early education, Project Save A Mouth aims to support the next generation to take charge of their dental health and care for their smile.

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Poor oral health affects more than just your mouth. It can result in serious health complications, too. For children, the consequences can be more severe. Dental issues that arise in childhood can become a lifelong problem, but they also play a more immediate role in a child’s academic and personal well-being. Dental issues are cited as one of the top reasons children miss school, meaning they miss out on important lessons and social interactions.

50%of children (ages 5–9) have had at least one cavity or filling.

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1/5children (ages 5–11) have at least one untreated decayed tooth (20%).

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51 millionschool hours are lost yearly because of oral problems.

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32%of adults (ages 20–44) have untreated dental caries.

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